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A good DUI defense lawyer must have a comprehensive understanding of blood and breath testing for alcohol and other controlled substances. At Mishlove and Stuckert, our Wisconsin defense attorneys take that a step further by educating other attorneys on these topics nationwide. We know the science—lab standards, documentation, interpreting results, potential sources of error—and use it to build strong, sound arguments on behalf of our clients.

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00:00:07.757 --> 00:00:11.243 I think something that really sets our firm apart 00:00:11.244 --> 00:00:13.456 from the majority of other firms 00:00:13.457 --> 00:00:17.600 that practice this type of operating under the influence law 00:00:18.071 --> 00:00:23.329 is our understanding of the science as it relates to these types of cases. 00:00:24.114 --> 00:00:28.381 A lawyer simply cannot adequately defend clients 00:00:28.382 --> 00:00:30.720 facing these types of charges 00:00:30.957 --> 00:00:34.900 if that lawyer does not have an understanding 00:00:35.029 --> 00:00:36.555 of the foundational science 00:00:36.556 --> 00:00:40.429 as it relates to both breath testing for alcohol 00:00:40.486 --> 00:00:42.943 and also blood testing for alcohol 00:00:43.071 --> 00:00:46.960 and other controlled substances and restricted controlled substances. 00:00:47.086 --> 00:00:52.600 Andrew and I teach other lawyers about these topics on a national level. 00:00:52.601 --> 00:00:57.813 We go all over the country to teach lawyers about challenges 00:00:57.814 --> 00:01:02.242 that can be found in blood testing for alcohol and other drugs. 00:01:02.300 --> 00:01:07.600 A lot of the cases that we take to trial involve chemical defenses, 00:01:07.686 --> 00:01:12.886 where we are doing a straightforward chemical defense challenge 00:01:12.887 --> 00:01:17.015 to either the breath test results or the blood test results. 00:01:17.314 --> 00:01:20.829 I'm not saying that there's going to be a defense in every single case. 00:01:20.830 --> 00:01:22.100 That's not how it works. 00:01:22.101 --> 00:01:24.614 But there are often defenses. 00:01:24.615 --> 00:01:27.200 If you don't have a lawyer 00:01:27.729 --> 00:01:31.228 who knows how to spot those potential sources of error 00:01:31.229 --> 00:01:35.399 in the blood testing documents, in the breath testing documents, 00:01:35.400 --> 00:01:39.480 then a lawyer simply isn't doing the best they can do. 00:01:39.520 --> 00:01:45.300 It is, in my opinion, mandatory that at the bare minimum, 00:01:45.514 --> 00:01:48.429 lawyers who are taking on these types of cases 00:01:48.470 --> 00:01:52.414 are making sure that they are obtaining the documentation 00:01:52.419 --> 00:01:55.557 from the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, 00:01:55.589 --> 00:01:57.169 from the State Crime Lab, 00:01:57.286 --> 00:02:00.600 from the chemical test section at the Department of Transportation, 00:02:00.757 --> 00:02:02.800 all of those scientific documents 00:02:02.801 --> 00:02:07.086 as it relates to those blood test results and those breath test results, 00:02:07.270 --> 00:02:09.400 and really scrutinizing them 00:02:09.626 --> 00:02:13.143 and trying to determine are there red flags here, 00:02:13.144 --> 00:02:15.486 are there potential sources of error?

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