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As Wisconsin's only two certified DUI defense specialists, attorneys Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert have benefited greatly from the guidance and education provided to them by other attorneys over the years. They now pay it forward by educating up-and-coming DUI defense lawyers around the country. Our law firm views continuing education as an opportunity to raise the standards of DUI defense as a whole.

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00:00:07.800 --> 00:00:10.343 Hi, I'm Andrew Mishlove from Mishlove & Stuckert. 00:00:10.529 --> 00:00:14.271 We are Wisconsin's only true specialists in drunk driving defense. 00:00:15.057 --> 00:00:18.160 I want to talk right now about continuing legal education. 00:00:18.190 --> 00:00:20.543 That is the requirement that every state has, 00:00:20.871 --> 00:00:25.742 that lawyers attend conferences or courses on law every year 00:00:25.743 --> 00:00:28.814 in order to maintain their law license in Wisconsin. 00:00:28.950 --> 00:00:34.960 The requirement is for roughly two days a year of these legal conferences. 00:00:34.960 --> 00:00:37.686 At Mishlove & Stuckert, we have made a huge commitment. 00:00:37.880 --> 00:00:41.929 It's really important in our profession, I believe, 00:00:42.529 --> 00:00:45.157 to give back to the legal community. 00:00:45.429 --> 00:00:51.413 As a new lawyer, really was so fortunate to be able to learn from my law partner, 00:00:51.414 --> 00:00:52.400 Attorney Mishlove, 00:00:52.430 --> 00:00:57.657 who really invested in my early education as a lawyer. 00:00:57.960 --> 00:00:59.760 We put on these conferences, 00:00:59.760 --> 00:01:02.670 we organize these conferences, we attend these conferences. 00:01:02.671 --> 00:01:06.100 Over the years, I have sought out and had the privilege, 00:01:06.101 --> 00:01:08.566 really the honor of studying with 00:01:08.567 --> 00:01:12.600 and learning from some of the best lawyers in history. 00:01:12.600 --> 00:01:15.343 I've also had the privilege of teaching other lawyers. 00:01:15.657 --> 00:01:20.120 Because I was given those opportunities that such a young, 00:01:20.150 --> 00:01:25.280 early point in my career, I really feel a responsibility to pay that forward. 00:01:25.320 --> 00:01:30.342 I regularly work with public defenders on drug cases, 00:01:30.343 --> 00:01:34.471 especially both Attorney Mishlove and myself, 00:01:34.571 --> 00:01:36.814 we go all over the country speaking 00:01:36.815 --> 00:01:40.485 to newer, younger, less experienced lawyers 00:01:40.486 --> 00:01:43.560 and teaching them how to fight these cases. 00:01:43.561 --> 00:01:47.400 It's such a privilege to be able to advance the profession, 00:01:47.401 --> 00:01:49.943 advance the knowledge not only for ourselves, 00:01:50.486 --> 00:01:55.329 but for attorneys all over the country to really improve the way we practice law. 00:01:55.400 --> 00:01:57.200 It's something I'm really proud of. 00:01:57.629 --> 00:02:02.760 The better equipped lawyers are in their skills to fight this, 00:02:03.371 --> 00:02:05.471 that makes the justice system work. 00:02:05.590 --> 00:02:08.960 People need qualified defense attorneys, 00:02:08.990 --> 00:02:14.400 and I consider it my duty to help make that a reality.

Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert

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"Mr. Mishlove was worth every penny and then some. I would consider him the Michelangelo of the DUI defense world.
He is professional, dedicated, and pours his heart into his job. I would give him 10 stars if I could."
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