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As Wisconsin's only two certified DUI defense specialists, attorneys Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert are deeply familiar with blood alcohol testing and the many circumstances that can lead to a faulty result. In fact, Mr. Mishlove has designed his own course in blood alcohol testing and trial advocacy that he now teaches to other attorneys throughout the country. Our approach in court is science-backed and tenacious.

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00:00:07.792 --> 00:00:10.167 Hi, I'm Andrew Mishlove from Mishlove and Stuckert. 00:00:10.175 --> 00:00:12.342 We are Wisconsin's only true specialists 00:00:12.343 --> 00:00:15.367 in defensive accusations of impaired driving. 00:00:15.517 --> 00:00:18.692 I want to talk for a minute about science in the courtroom, 00:00:18.700 --> 00:00:20.950 and especially the science of blood testing. 00:00:21.300 --> 00:00:25.042 I've had the privilege over the years to direct a course for lawyers 00:00:25.043 --> 00:00:26.900 at the University of Texas Arlington, 00:00:26.925 --> 00:00:29.958 sponsored by the National College for DUI Defense, 00:00:30.100 --> 00:00:33.142 where we teach lawyers how blood is tested. 00:00:33.150 --> 00:00:37.633 We actually do our own tests and run the equipment in the laboratory. 00:00:37.634 --> 00:00:39.242 I'm really proud of this course. 00:00:40.120 --> 00:00:44.617 What I've learned over the years is that these tests are not infallible. 00:00:44.950 --> 00:00:50.350 The more complicated and sophisticated the test, the more that can go wrong. 00:00:50.458 --> 00:00:54.475 We have seen many, many errors in blood testing. 00:00:55.157 --> 00:00:58.225 The unfortunate truth is that many people, many lawyers, 00:00:58.242 --> 00:01:03.350 and many judges consider the testing process to be infallible. 00:01:03.617 --> 00:01:04.960 That's just not true. 00:01:05.108 --> 00:01:07.158 There's a lot of mistakes that can be made. 00:01:07.208 --> 00:01:08.814 We see them all the time. 00:01:08.867 --> 00:01:10.447 In a legal blood draw, 00:01:11.225 --> 00:01:14.570 the person who draws your blood has to cleanse your arm a certain way 00:01:14.571 --> 00:01:15.975 before they stick the needle in. 00:01:15.992 --> 00:01:17.350 They often do it wrong. 00:01:17.900 --> 00:01:21.800 They don't track the expiration dates of the equipment they use. 00:01:21.830 --> 00:01:25.600 They don't properly mix the chemicals together in the vial. 00:01:26.042 --> 00:01:27.413 I could go on from there, 00:01:27.414 --> 00:01:29.650 and we're still not even into the laboratory. 00:01:30.383 --> 00:01:33.186 If you have a serious drunk driving case 00:01:33.325 --> 00:01:37.400 where you need an expert in the science of blood testing, 00:01:38.283 --> 00:01:40.033 give us a call. We're here to help you.

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