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If your DUI offense involved an injury to another party, you're likely facing both a civil case in which the injured person can file for damages and a criminal case in which they can file for restitution. It's incredibly important that you retain a DUI lawyer who understands how to work with insurance companies and help you avoid excessive payments in consideration of both cases. Attorney Lauren Stuckert has successfully navigated many situations like these—she can leverage her experience to your benefit.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.414 --> 00:00:10.785 In cases where there's an injury involved, 00:00:10.786 --> 00:00:14.929 there's often a separate civil case going on. 00:00:15.157 --> 00:00:20.086 While we may not be directly representing a person 00:00:20.443 --> 00:00:21.957 on the civil side of things, 00:00:21.958 --> 00:00:26.500 usually it's insurance people who are dealing with that, 00:00:26.843 --> 00:00:31.500 it's important that a lawyer establish a good relationship 00:00:31.771 --> 00:00:37.186 with the individuals who are handling the insurance element of these cases 00:00:37.187 --> 00:00:39.857 because there is overlap. 00:00:40.143 --> 00:00:43.485 In criminal cases, when someone's injured, 00:00:43.486 --> 00:00:47.200 victims can request what's called restitution. 00:00:48.429 --> 00:00:55.471 There are certain ways to avoid an overlap of criminal restitution and civil damages. 00:00:55.686 --> 00:01:02.457 A lawyer really has to be working directly with the insurance company 00:01:02.643 --> 00:01:07.871 to ensure that a person who's charged with that type of an offense 00:01:08.357 --> 00:01:14.589 isn't getting overly exposed to paying out money and funds to victims. 00:01:14.590 --> 00:01:22.342 While there's, of course, a need to be empathetic and to help in a lot of ways, 00:01:22.343 --> 00:01:28.013 understanding the interplay between insurance and criminal restitution 00:01:28.014 --> 00:01:31.829 is really exceptionally important in such cases.

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