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There are several different OWI offenses you can be charged with in Wisconsin based on your blood alcohol concentration, prior OWI convictions, and many other factors. You don't want to risk jail time, fines, and a loss of your license. The attorneys at Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC are Wisconsin's best in drunk driving defense—they can help you achieve a successful outcome, no matter the nature of your charge.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.857 --> 00:00:12.028 There are several different types of operating under the influence charges 00:00:12.029 --> 00:00:14.119 that someone can be cited for. 00:00:14.120 --> 00:00:18.485 It starts with the basics, operating while under the influence of alcohol. 00:00:18.486 --> 00:00:22.371 That's the most typical common one that people are most familiar with. 00:00:22.760 --> 00:00:27.771 That has to do with an individual who's driving while just as it sounds, 00:00:27.772 --> 00:00:30.300 they're impaired by alcohol. 00:00:30.800 --> 00:00:33.556 Then there's additional citations 00:00:33.557 --> 00:00:36.329 for operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration. 00:00:36.640 --> 00:00:39.214 For people who don't have prior offenses 00:00:39.440 --> 00:00:42.600 or aren't under ignition interlock device orders 00:00:43.029 --> 00:00:45.929 or aren't on an occupational license, 00:00:46.413 --> 00:00:51.171 typically, their prohibited alcohol concentration is 0.08. 00:00:51.440 --> 00:00:55.299 However, individuals who have two or more prior convictions 00:00:55.300 --> 00:00:56.886 in the state of Wisconsin 00:00:57.240 --> 00:01:01.800 or individuals who are currently serving a revocation 00:01:01.986 --> 00:01:04.339 and forced to be on an occupational license 00:01:04.340 --> 00:01:07.357 or under an ignition interlock device order at the time, 00:01:07.729 --> 00:01:13.100 those individuals have a prohibited alcohol concentration of 0.02. 00:01:13.600 --> 00:01:16.999 They can be charged with the charge 00:01:17.000 --> 00:01:19.643 of operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration 00:01:19.644 --> 00:01:23.299 at a lower level than what's considered to be 00:01:23.300 --> 00:01:26.743 your otherwise more run-of-the-mill 0.08 case.

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