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Wisconsin DUI defense attorney Andrew Mishlove specially developed coursework in blood testing and trial advocacy so other lawyers can get real experience in breaking down complex scientific concepts into clear language for the courtroom. Blood alcohol tests are notoriously unreliable, and you don't deserve to have bad science determine your future. Our attorneys know how to interpret results and which questions to ask to most effectively argue your case.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.929 --> 00:00:09.386 Hi, I'm Andrew Mishlove. 00:00:09.486 --> 00:00:10.642 At Mishlove & Stuckert, 00:00:10.643 --> 00:00:14.143 we are Wisconsin's only true specialists in drunk driving defense. 00:00:14.814 --> 00:00:18.599 I want to talk today about a course that I have developed for lawyers. 00:00:18.600 --> 00:00:23.243 It's called Serious Science: Blood Testing and Trial Advocacy. 00:00:23.244 --> 00:00:26.428 We offer it at the University of Texas, Arlington, 00:00:26.829 --> 00:00:28.471 every summer for lawyers. 00:00:28.743 --> 00:00:31.943 What we do in this course, which I put together and I direct— 00:00:32.543 --> 00:00:34.093 yes, I'm proud of that— 00:00:34.914 --> 00:00:36.871 we bring lawyers into the laboratory, 00:00:37.029 --> 00:00:38.986 we teach them about the science, 00:00:38.987 --> 00:00:41.685 we teach them how to do the tests themselves. 00:00:41.686 --> 00:00:44.000 They put on their goggles, they put on their lab coats, 00:00:44.001 --> 00:00:45.757 they put on their rubber gloves, 00:00:45.886 --> 00:00:50.643 and we actually have them conduct blood alcohol and blood drug tests 00:00:50.714 --> 00:00:53.729 like the analysts in the state crime labs. 00:00:53.929 --> 00:00:56.086 That's a three-day part of the course. 00:00:56.087 --> 00:01:00.229 Then for the next three days, we spend our time 00:01:00.300 --> 00:01:04.186 studying how to communicate scientific concepts in the courtroom. 00:01:04.329 --> 00:01:07.962 We bring in focus groups, we practice jury selection, 00:01:07.963 --> 00:01:12.012 we practice witness questioning about scientific questions like, 00:01:12.129 --> 00:01:14.400 was the instrument properly calibrated? 00:01:14.401 --> 00:01:16.657 Was the sample handled properly? 00:01:16.900 --> 00:01:18.770 Was there an electrical malfunction? 00:01:18.771 --> 00:01:21.643 Is there something anomalous about this test? 00:01:21.857 --> 00:01:27.257 My philosophy is that science is critical in the courtroom in drunk driving cases, 00:01:27.258 --> 00:01:30.586 but you can't win a case just by arguing science. 00:01:30.929 --> 00:01:33.614 Cases in courtrooms are human dramas. 00:01:33.680 --> 00:01:37.398 If it's a human drama that involves bad science, 00:01:37.598 --> 00:01:39.800 then we've got a story to tell. 00:01:40.480 --> 00:01:42.514 If you need to have your story told, 00:01:42.515 --> 00:01:47.586 if there's bad science in your case and you need to have that story told, 00:01:48.014 --> 00:01:50.878 come to Mishlove & Stuckert because we're the experts at that, 00:01:50.879 --> 00:01:52.200 and we're here to help you.

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