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In practice for nearly 15 years, attorney Lauren Stuckert is the nation's youngest board-certified DUI defense specialist. Lauren says she's always known she would be a lawyer, but she found her passion for defense in law school. For Lauren Stuckert and Andrew Mishlove, there's no greater feeling than fighting for the underdog and securing a successful outcome.

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00:00:07.500 --> 00:00:09.142 My name is Lauren Stuckert. 00:00:09.143 --> 00:00:12.743 I have been practicing law for almost 15 years. 00:00:13.743 --> 00:00:22.629 I am currently the country's youngest board-certified specialist in DUI defense. 00:00:22.800 --> 00:00:26.671 Our board certification is the defining factor 00:00:26.672 --> 00:00:30.628 that sets us apart as the top firm 00:00:30.629 --> 00:00:32.799 when it comes to DUI defense in this state. 00:00:32.800 --> 00:00:38.200 We are the only two attorneys with this particular accreditation. 00:00:38.457 --> 00:00:41.142 I've always known that I was going to be a lawyer. 00:00:41.143 --> 00:00:43.645 It was something that was really instilled in me 00:00:43.646 --> 00:00:44.600 from a young age. 00:00:45.057 --> 00:00:47.857 It's how I always envision my future. 00:00:48.186 --> 00:00:50.278 However, the type of lawyer, 00:00:50.300 --> 00:00:53.729 I realized that more when I was in law school. 00:00:54.286 --> 00:01:00.557 I really wanted to be doing a type of law that was going to be helping people, 00:01:00.871 --> 00:01:04.643 but more importantly, where I could fight for the underdog. 00:01:04.900 --> 00:01:09.899 I take such pride and honor in being able to do that, 00:01:09.900 --> 00:01:13.257 to go into court where the cards are stacked against you 00:01:13.529 --> 00:01:16.713 and nobody thinks you've got a chance. 00:01:16.714 --> 00:01:22.520 To go in there and fight and come out with a victory for my client 00:01:22.520 --> 00:01:24.929 at the end of the day, at the end of that trial, 00:01:25.320 --> 00:01:27.271 or at the end of the litigation, 00:01:27.272 --> 00:01:30.643 if a case is won pretrial in that phase of the case, 00:01:31.071 --> 00:01:33.714 there's really no greater feeling.

Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert

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Mishlove & Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law has been rated the #1 OWI/DUI law firm in the state by Wisconsin Law Journal Reader Rankings. Our OWI/DUI specialists have been highly rated by organizations including: 

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"Mr. Mishlove was worth every penny and then some. I would consider him the Michelangelo of the DUI defense world.
He is professional, dedicated, and pours his heart into his job. I would give him 10 stars if I could."
Ronald S.

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