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For our Wisconsin DUI defense attorneys, jury selection is a critical component of every case we handle. As Lauren Stuckert describes, we aim to understand each juror on a deep level so we can form a connection with them and help them realize our client's side of the story. Ms. Stuckert has extensive training in jury selection, and she now educates other lawyers in how to conduct themselves during the process.

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00:00:07.886 --> 00:00:11.871 My favorite part of trial is voir dire, 00:00:12.086 --> 00:00:13.600 jury selection. 00:00:13.840 --> 00:00:20.178 It is that initial moment where you get to meet the 12 people 00:00:20.179 --> 00:00:24.479 that are going to be making the decision in this case, 00:00:24.480 --> 00:00:28.857 that are going to be determining my client's future. 00:00:30.257 --> 00:00:32.971 No matter who is on that jury panel, 00:00:33.500 --> 00:00:36.043 I want to form a connection with them. 00:00:36.520 --> 00:00:41.114 I want to really understand them at a deep level 00:00:41.115 --> 00:00:43.300 to the best that I am able to. 00:00:43.520 --> 00:00:48.786 I have focused a lot of my training and now teach other lawyers 00:00:49.057 --> 00:00:52.657 about how to act, how to be, 00:00:52.829 --> 00:00:55.886 how to talk, how to speak, how to converse, 00:00:56.100 --> 00:01:00.443 how to communicate in that jury selection process. 00:01:00.640 --> 00:01:04.039 It's more about me listening than talking, 00:01:04.040 --> 00:01:08.114 making sure that these potential jurors are heard. 00:01:08.440 --> 00:01:12.559 At the end of the day, there's really no wrong answers. 00:01:12.560 --> 00:01:18.486 I don't consider potential jurors to be bad or good for my clients. 00:01:18.800 --> 00:01:19.971 They're just people. 00:01:19.972 --> 00:01:22.879 It's about respecting the process 00:01:22.880 --> 00:01:24.929 and meeting these individuals 00:01:25.457 --> 00:01:30.570 and believing that at the end of that jury selection process, 00:01:30.571 --> 00:01:35.329 based on the communications that have been had with them, 00:01:35.729 --> 00:01:39.714 believing that we're ending up with the best group 00:01:40.071 --> 00:01:45.157 that is going to make the best decision possible in this case, 00:01:45.158 --> 00:01:47.919 that's going to do justice, 00:01:47.920 --> 00:01:49.557 that is what we're looking for. 00:01:50.214 --> 00:01:52.085 At the end of every trial, 00:01:52.086 --> 00:01:57.071 before my jury goes into that jury room to deliberate, 00:01:58.080 --> 00:02:02.243 what's important to me is that done the best I can. 00:02:02.680 --> 00:02:05.086 I've fought as hard as I can, 00:02:05.880 --> 00:02:07.543 I haven't missed anything, 00:02:08.271 --> 00:02:10.343 that I've said everything that I want to say 00:02:10.344 --> 00:02:12.629 in hopes that that jury is going to come back 00:02:13.257 --> 00:02:15.143 with the right result for my client.

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