DUI in a School Zone By Andrew Mishlove on October 19, 2019

Driving fast to a stop and turnDrunk driving charges always have to be taken seriously, especially around school zones. We expect children to be safe in these areas. Yet it’s possible for drunk drivers to be present around schools. That said, it’s also possible for false OWI/DUI charges to be levied. That’s when a skilled OWI/DUI lawyer like Andrew Mishlove or Lauren Stuckert can help.

The team at our Wisconsin law firm would like to consider OWI/DUI charges around schools. We’ll note different scenarios and penalties, and touch on some potential disputes over drunk driving arrests that could apply to your case.

Drunk Driving Dangers to Children

Any time someone is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it must be taken seriously. Impaired driving in a densely populated area full of children could lead to serious injuries and even deaths. That covers children on foot as well as any kids on bikes, scooters, or skateboards.

Hazards to Other Motorists

In addition to the dangers posed to children, it’s important to consider the hazards that other motorists face. Vehicle and foot traffic can be hectic around school zones, especially when dropping off or picking up a child. It’s possible to suffer fender benders and worse collisions during crashes in a school zone.

Minors Charged with Drinking and Driving

We should also note that drunk driving could involve high school students drinking and driving. When teenagers drive under the influence, Wisconsin state law will treat them differently than adults, though penalties can be serious and have major repercussions to a person’s driving record.

Keep in mind that the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for minors is just 0.02, far less than the 0.08 for adults.

Penalties for Drunk Driving

For adults 21 and older, the following drunk driving penalties apply for a first offense OWI/DUI:

  • Fine of $150-$300
  • Driver’s license revocation of six to nine months
  • Possible incarceration

For minors and anyone under the age of 21 caught drunk driving in Wisconsin, the following penalties apply:

  • Fine of at least $200
  • Driver’s license revocation for at least three months

The exact penalties you face can vary depending on the nature of your arrest and what transpired in the school zone. If there was any property damage or injuries, the penalties will be much more severe.

Issues That Call Drunk Driving Charges Into Question

A police officer needs to have probable cause for stopping your vehicle and asking you to take a sobriety test. If you were not driving erratically and there was nothing wrong with your vehicle, you could be able to have charges dropped. This applies to adults as well as minors in drunk driving cases.

Having a skilled OWI/DUI defense attorney on your side means having someone experienced with the state’s drunk driving laws on your side. Your attorney will ensure your legal protections were not violated when a member of law enforcement assessed your sobriety and charged you with a crime.

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