DUIs/OWIs After Alpine Valley Music Theatre Concerts By Andrew Mishlove on August 01, 2019

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While many people are pulled over for drunk driving after getting out of bars or clubs, a number also face DUI and OWI arrests after getting out of concerts. The biggest music venue in the region by far is Alpine Valley Music Theatre. Let’s discuss the venue in a bit of detail below.

About Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Alpine Valley Music Theatre is located along County Highway D in East Troy, though it’s also close to Troy and Elkhorn. While the covered pavilion area accommodates 7,500 concertgoers, the massive amphitheater has a maximum capacity of 37,000 given the large grass lawn surrounding the pavilion and stage.

Why Alpine Valley Music Theatre Is Such a Major Draw

Alpine Valley Music Theatre draws a lot of major acts passing through Wisconsin given its capacity and proximity to Milwaukee and Madison. The venue even draws crowds from as far as Chicago if an act isn’t making any planned stops in Illinois.

Phish and Jimmy Buffet played the venue in July. Upcoming shows include the Hootie and the Blowfish reunion tour, The Who reunion, and Farm Aid 2019. These upcoming acts are bound to be major draws, which is why there’s bound to be increased law enforcement interest around the dates of these shows.

Why Law Enforcement Targets This Area

Given the sheer number of people who attend shows at Alpine Valley Music Theater and the fact that the venue serves alcohol, law enforcement tends to keep an eye on concertgoers after shows. Since many people take Interstate 43 to get there, it’s easy for law enforcement to spot drunk drivers and people violating other traffic laws.

Getting Pulled Over Without Probable Cause

If you’re pulled over after getting out of a show at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, you may not have been stopped in good faith.

Law enforcement needs to have probable cause (or at least reasonable suspicion) to pull your vehicle over. This means that you needed to have been demonstrating behavior consistent with drunk driving or intoxication, such as weaving or speeding. Even a broken brake light or headlight would be considered probable cause.

Being stopped at random without reason is just one way that a drunk driving charge can be contested. Just because you were at a concert venue does not mean you should be automatically suspected of illicit behavior.

How Our Drunk Driving Attorneys Can Help

The lawyers at Mishlove & Stuckert have helped many people in Wisconsin who’ve been pulled over and arrested for drunk driving after shows at Alpine Valley Music Theatre. We have assisted them with reducing sentences and even getting charges dropped. We are here to make sure your case is given a fair hearing.

Learn More About OWI Defense

If you need to speak with attorneys about a drunk driving arrest, be sure to contact our team of OWI defense attorneys. The team at Mishlove & Stuckert, LLC is here to help. You can reach our office in Milwaukee at (414) 206-6918 and our office in Waukesha at (262) 207-4527.

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