Law Offices of Andrew Mishlove Our Mission and Beliefs By Andrew Mishlove on June 29, 2012

A Mission Statement

I've recently thought about and drafted our mission statement. This was not meant to be an advertising piece. Rather, it was meant to be a short, concise statement of our purpose, values and methods. It was meant as a code for all of the employees of our law firm. We also provide it to clients, so that they understand our view of of the practice of law. I submit it here, in its entirety.

Law Offices of Andrew Mishlove

Our Mission and Beliefs

At The Law Offices of Andrew Mishlove , we fight for justice for those accused by the government of wrongdoing. In particular, we seek justice for those accused of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI).

Why do we do it?

OWI cases have become politicized – and we oppose politics in the justice system. It is dangerous to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant; and, we support all rational efforts to curtail it. However, we also oppose the war on basic civil liberty that has been waged in the name of highway safety.

We believe that there are better ways to promote highway safety than destroying the lives and careers of decent citizens.

We understand that if the basic rights of those accused of any offense, even drunken driving, are infringed, then the rights of all citizens are at risk.

So, we seek justice for those accused. We fight for the right to be free from unreasonable detentions and arrests. We fight for the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. We consider the presumption of innocence to be one of the foundations of a democratic society. We believe in the jury system and steadfastly defend it.

We know that even those who have done wrong have a right to be heard and to betreated fairly.

Our Method

We understand that we are always presented with an incident and also a person.

We understand our client is a person with value, who has a legal problem. We believe that the first step in addressing the legal problem is to understand that person. We listen to and learn about our client. Listening is a learned skill and we work continuously to hone it. We seek to promote and facilitate success in our clients’ lives, including successful recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. We provide the highest level of client services and communication. We know that our clients have often been treated badly by the system and that they deserve our respect.

We strive to be the best. We do not ask what is merely sufficient for the client; but rather, we do everything that can be done. We do not compromise the quality of our advocacy for the sake of efficiency or economy.

We work tirelessly to hone and perfect our skills as trial advocates, sparing no expense in seeking and participating in the very highest level of training and education available.

We never assume that any case is unwinnable; and we will never retreat from a zealous and vigorous defense of our client for the sake of expediency or profit. Consequently, we are proud to say that we are recognized among the best jury trial attorneys in America.

Our Values

Each member of our organization is a valued contributor. We seek to promote personal and professional development and advancement for everyone in our employ. Everyone’s voice is respected and heard. Everyone’s ideas are valued.

We do not underestimate or discount our own value. We have a long history of providing the very highest level of advocacy for our clients. We are well compensated for our efforts; and we do not seek to compete on the basis of price, but only on the basis of quality.

We will be true to our oath that we will never abandon a just cause for the sake of money.

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