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How to Win a Drunk Driving Case, in Wisconsin or Anywhere

7 factors to help you win a DUI case

If you are charged with drunk driving in Wisconsin, you may be embarrassed, upset and angry. You may not be thinking clearly about Wisconsin OWI DUI law.

This is why you should call Mishlove and Stuckert Attorneys at Law. In our report, How to Win a Drunk Driving Case, we have identified Seven Key Factors in a DUI or OWI case that can help you come out on the other side of your DUI case unscathed.The seven key factors in winning a case are:

  • You, your life, your career and your family.
  • Your story; and what it was like for you to be arrested.
  • The police; did they follow the rules?
  • Your driving; was it really dangerous?
  • Your behavior; it may not have been perfect, but was it normal?
  • The chemical test, whether breath or blood, can have many possible errors.
  • The law; has the evidence been preserved, is your record valid, and other legal issues.

How Do the Seven Key Factors Influence Your OWI Case?

Nationally acclaimed Wisconsin OWI lawyer Andrew Mishlove is your guide.

Every factor, from your life and account of the events leading to the Wisconsin drunk driving charges, to the police’s handling of your case, has an impact on the final outcome.

  • Was the chemical test reliable?
  • Was your behavior normal given the circumstances?
  • Did the police make errors when handling any aspect of your case?
  • Was your driving impaired at all?

What does the law say? The law is a maze.

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