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Case results are important, but so are the comments of those who are facing a charge like a DUI. Wisconsin residents have found again and again that Andrew Mishlove is ready to tackle the toughest Wisconsin drunk driving cases.

Three Parts Of A Wisconsin Case

Attorney Mishlove explains the three parts of a Wisconsin court case:

you, evidence, and the courtroom. 

The following are client reviews about our law firm that have been posted by our clients on, the independent lawyer-rating internet site.

Every Wisconsin drunk driving case is different and past success is no guarantee for the future. Here are examples, however, of why Andrew Mishlove is considered the finest Wisconsin DUI lawyer in Wisconsin and one of the best in America.

I Owe a Great Debt of Thanks to Andrew Mishlove

He successfully defended me in an OWI case that endured for more than 6 ½ years in the Wisconsin judicial system, including a detour through the Wisconsin State Supreme Court system, and ultimately led to a showdown in an Ozaukee County criminal court resulting in a not-guilty verdict returned by a 12-member jury in February 2023.

I think my experience qualifies me to personally attest to Andrew Mishlove’s reputation as a brilliant trial attorney and one of the best OWI defense lawyers in the entire country.  

This is my story.

I was very fortunate to have been indirectly referred to Andrew Mishlove by no less than two Milwaukee County judges via a long-time family friend.  We had sought referrals for the very best OWI “trial” attorneys in Wisconsin.  We knew we needed a top-notch courtroom fighter that would not back down in the onslaught of a high-pressure trial.  I was just plain lucky that Milwaukee had one of the best OWI attorneys in the country with Andrew Mishlove.  

Prior to meeting with Andrew for the first time, I had briefly paid for the services of three other well-known attorneys to review my case.  Andrew was the only attorney among them that flagged a glaring judicial irregularity in an 11-year-old prior case which led to a successful appeal in Ozaukee County but fell short by the narrowest of margins in the Wisconsin state supreme court.   

Several years later, my case ultimately resolved down to an intense and brutal, two-day trial that unfolded in an Ozaukee County courtroom where I was truly grateful for Andrew’s skill and expertise in revealing the flawed biological controls and testing standards employed by state testing laboratories in OWI cases across the country.  

I watch in amazement as Andrew went head-to-head with a dogged, well prepared, and very well-read prosecutor (with the resources of the entire state) in a courtroom battle of wits, arguments, solid research, and pervasive interpretations of over a dozen technical research articles that spanned across the scientific fields of biology, chemistry, and forensics, while delving into diverse topics such as cell division, fermentation, metabolism, spoilage, preservation additives and scientific methods of analysis. 

I was surprised by the prosecutor’s tenacity and the lengths that the state will go to convict a suspect with a “take-no-prisoners” approach to OWI offenses.   

Andrew had not only a superior grasp of scientific knowledge, but he has the critical ability to capture and distill it all down into comprehensible arguments that were understandable and convincing to a jury.    

Andrew’s closing argument was a masterful articulation of the relevant facts, technical research, expert witness testimony, and common sense.  Andrew was very quick in adapting and responding to the prosecutor's closing arguments and prosecution efforts to convict at all costs.  But it was Andrew’s incredible tactics that turned the prosecutors’ own arguments against him that proved entirely compelling and convincing to a jury.    

The more the prosecutor doubled down on his arguments, the more Andrew dug in and made counterarguments.  When the prosecutor cited research while omitting crucial details such as “refrigeration affects upon blood sample integrity”, Andrew flagged the details and corrected the prosecutor's “distortion-by-omission” attempts.    

I will end my review by saying that throughout my 80-month-long ordeal, Andrew never waivered, not even once.  He never failed to appear “in person” with me at countless proceedings and hearings.  He was always “on” and perfectly prepared.  

I came to think of Andrew as a legal scholar and specialist, who knows the field of OWI defense like a neurologist knows the brain.  He is incredibly well informed and prepared before a trial.  He is approachable, professional, and serious. He gave me total appreciation for how prepared a “great” lawyer has to be.  

Finally, Andrew was always a gentleman.  He was well liked by the court, the prosecutor and most importantly, the jury.  His courtroom demeaner and ethics were unflappable.

I highly recommend Andrew Mishlove. 

Your Team


I wanted to personally reach out to you. Your team succeeded in what it set out to do for me with the criminal charge DUI. Knowing that all criminal charges are now dropped against me is a great relief to me and my family. I understand that I will still have the 1st offence DUI and that is ok. I have learned my lesson.

I was able to talk with you from the first day. I called your office, off hours and you called me back and told me the way it is. I liked that about you. Having that no non sense type of approach was more than I could ask for. I know you cost more than the average attorney, but the average attorney told me that I will be convicted of the criminal charge, go to jail for a minimum of 30 days and there is nothing he could do about that. Strange, since your team did exactly what he said could not happen. Glad I listened to my gut instinct and went with you and your team.

Thank you to Attorney Stuckert and Attorney Bell, that showed up at every court date even if it only lasted 3 minutes. A big thank you to Sara, she listen to me and took care of all my needs. When I called her she was direct, upfront and answered my questions or passed the questions along. I’m sure she got tired of hearing from me.

Amazingly, even though I have a DUI I feel great with the results. I know your team did everything in its power to get me the deal. I trusted you, you performed and most all of you represented me as you said you would!

Thank you again

Never Think Your Situation is Hopeless – Hire a Specialist

Client: Name Withheld

Client Review: I hired attorney Mishlove to fight a DUI involving a blood test. i fought the charges at a 12 man jury , Attorney Mishlove not only is an excellent trial attorney. He also knows blood alcohol science. His knowledge in this field won me a not guilty verdict. All 12 jurors were convinced of my innocence. In something as serious as DUI , hire the best.

Lawyer Comment: This blood test case resulted in a not guilty verdict, due to possible contamination of the blood sample.


Client: Cynthia

Review: Taking into consideration the embarrassing nature of being charged with a DUI and then not being able to focus on the importance of selecting an attorney to represent you………..What an uncomfortable situation! I was referred to Atty Mishlove by a friend who is an attorney in another state. His words were “why not go with the best?” “you deserve the best representation possible.”

Lawyer’s Comment: Cynthia’s case was dismissed.

Reduced My First Offense

Client: Name Withheld

Review: I’m an Illinois resident that got pulled over just before the border in Wisconsin. Andrew did an excellent job getting my charge reduced (which isn’t easy in Wisconsin) and preventing me from having to go through the nightmare of dealing with the elevated penalties Illinois applies to its drivers when they receive a DUI in Wisconsin. Would highly recommend.

Lawyer’s Comment: This case was reduced to a non-DUI charge.

Who’s in Your Corner, Fighting for You?

Client: Ed

Review: Thank You, Andrew and Sarah !!!! I really appreciate your genuine interest in my well being, as well as interpreting the facts related to the stop, and defending me in my DUI case. I have really taken a hard look at my past drinking patterns, and will continue working to assure I will never make this mistake again.

Mr. Mishlove is a great attorney

Client: Andrea

Review: He was able to inform us of how the law works and informed us “do not plea guilty to the DUI charge.” He was able to have charge dismissed and get us a misdemeanor, which helped my husband keep his license and save us from having to pay costly insurance payments down the road.
Lawyer Comment: Andrea’s Wisconsin OWI case was dismissed.

Shawano DUI

Client: Griemer

Review: Attorney Mishlove handled my case extremely well. Shawano County has a definite reputation as not being “pro defendant”, especially in DUI cases. Most lawyers will not even consider taking cases in this county and if they do, they feel they have lost before the case even starts. Plea bargains are virtually non-existent. Attorney Mishlove was able to win my case when against very high odds. Attorney Mishlove’s knowledge of DUI laws was evident throughout the whole process. His extensive knowledge of sobriety tests, test guidelines, laws, and administration of the tests was clearly demonstrated, and quite crucial in my case. His courtroom presence, delivery, and cross examination was incredible, and resulted in me winning my case. Attorney Mishlove’s staff is A1 and always provided me with assistance and guidance, and put me in touch with Attorney Mishlove whenever I requested.

Lawyer Comment: This was a blood test case, where we believed that the field sobriety tests and the blood test were improperly done.  The prosecution would not budge, so we went to a jury trial.  The verdict was NOT GUILTY on all counts.

From felony to a misdemeanor

Client: Steven

Review: Because of the knowledge and expertise of Mr. Mishlove, my felony 5th D.U.I. was reduced to a misdemeanor 4th. In addition, he argued for the minimum sentence for a 4th offense and we won. I had a few factors working to my benefit in the case, but without Mr. Mishlove the outcome would not have been possible. I would highly recommend his service for a D.U.I./ O.W.I. case.

Got the job done

Client: Trish

Review: Andrew and his firm we compassionate, respectful and most of all effective. They were able to take my case and point out all of the unjust and invalid evidence. Gaining me a Dismissed verdict. Well Done!!!

OWI Mishaps

Client: Terry

Review: Mishlove law office staff very understanding about my problem and kept me informed every step of the way during the process. Andrew gave great advice and very understanding to my needs. If you have an OWI or any traffic offence you would want Andrew Mishlove fighting in you corner.
Lawyer’s Comment: Terry’s WI OWI case was dismissed.

Adam (last name with-held on this website)

Review: Great lawyer, I am still in the middle of my case but it is looking very optimistic. He did a great job of looking at every detail and finding the best way to fight my case.

Lawyer’s Comment: Adam’s case was dismissed on December 28, 2009, after the court had ruled that he was illegally stopped by the police.

Endorsement from client: Mark (last name withheld on this website) Antioch (IL)

Review: After working with Andrew, I have to say that he is one of the most competent people I have ever met. His attention to every detail and skill in the courtroom is unsurpassed. As a former client of his, I have nothing but praise and if you are in need of representation, you can do no better.

Lawyer’s Comment: Mark’s Wisconsin drunk driving charge was reduced to reckless driving.

He works for you

Review: Andrew Mishlove’s swagger was the first thing I noticed about him. He is a very confident man, and with his knowledge of laws and rights he has defending down to a science. I would recommend this attorney to anyone seeking DWI defense in the entire state of Wisconsin and I appreciate his efforts for me and my family more than I ever could of dreamed. Andrew Mishlove is not just an attorney, but a friend because he takes all cases as if it were his own flesh and blood he is defending.

Lawyer Comment: This case was won because the WI OWI prosecution was unable to show that the blood was correctly drawn by a qualified person.

Minor DUI

Client: Name Withheld

Review: Extremely knowledgeable on Case law and immediately responsive to questions via email and or phone. I am also an attorney in another state and have never dealt with any attorney of his stature. He does not offer false hope nor is he negative. Andrew is extremely matter of fact and the go to guy for DUI law defense in Wisconsin.

Lawyer’s Comment: A successful appeal in this case established that entrapment is a proper defense in a Wisconsin OWI case.

Get expert legal help from one of the most respected DUI/OWI defense lawyer options in Wisconsin.

My Perfect Lawyer

Client: Mitch

Review: Andrew Mishlove could be the best DWI lawyer in Wisconsin. I was pushed to make a deal in my pending situation. I told my lawyer that the deal was unacceptable. He told me that he went to a seminar that was hosted by Andrew, and that his expertise would be needed to defend my case. I used both lawyers together and it was the best decision I could have made in this situation. Andrew was incredible, to say the least! His expertise was crucial to getting my case dismissed. His knowledge of DWI Law is a step above any attorney that your friend, co-worker, or relative may refer you. I can not express in words how much Andrew has helped me & family through. Thank you, Andrew!

Lawyer’s Comment: Mitch’s case was dismissed when it was discovered that the police had covered up the loss of evidence in this mistaken case of Wisconsin drunk driving.

Truly the Best of the Best

Review: In 2014, I was charged with a first-time OWI in Wisconsin that was due to prescription drug use. It was clear to me that it was going to prove to be a very difficult case, so I searched extensively for the “best” attorney I could find in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. I met and spoke with several of the “best” recommended. There were some “best” attorneys who weren’t even interested in representing my case as they deemed it was “unwinnable” and not “worth their time”. I was shocked by that response. Luckily I found Andrew Mishlove. While Andrew never said he was going to win my case, he also never said it was not “winnable”. Andrew was honest, straight-forward and very direct. He always told me like it was and never sugar-coated anything. I was always aware that I could lose, but I knew I wanted to attempt to win with Andrew. It was the BEST decision I have ever made; one that could have had very serious repercussions to my personal and professional life. Andrew and his team treated me with the highest level of respect and courtesy for the entire duration. Andrew is firm, but kind and caring. He researched everything and went the length to find professionals in pharmacology who could represent me if and when needed. I truly appreciated that. In the end, I had the most desirable result, for me: a great success to not have an OWI on my record and in my life. Thank you Andrew!

Bill from Illinois

Client: Bill

Review: Andrew and his staff did an excellent job with my case. They kept me informed every step of the way and answered all of my questions and I had a lot of questions. He got my case dismissed with no repercussions to me. Thanks Andrew!!!!

DUI in Wisconsin with IL Driver's License

Client: Name Withheld

Review: In 2010 I received an OWI and Refusal to submit to a chemical test in Wisconsin, Andrew Mishlove and my lawyer associate Lauren Stuckert were very knowledgeable with the IL Wisconsin problem. I was not convicted of DUI and was only convicted on the refusal charge which proved to be a benefit and a lesser penalty for me and my IL driver’s license. I will not have a DUI on my record and I will be forever grateful.

Case Dismissed

Client: James

Review: A conviction on a first-offense in WI translates to severe consequences for IL residents, so I needed the very best representation possible. My research indicated this would be Andrew Mishlove. He lived up to—and exceeded—my expectations. He is tough and tenacious—not afraid of a fight—yet, caring and compassionate. Andrew, Sarah and the entire staff treat their clients with respect and dignity. They are always available to answer questions or meet when needed, thoroughly explaining each phase of the process. Andrew fought diligently on my behalf and against all odds, the case was dismissed! Andrew was a true Godsend and I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.

Andrew Best of the Best!

Client: Chris

Review: Andrew and his team were there for me and helped me through a tough time in my life. He saved my career. He is great what more can I say.

Lawyer’s Comment: Chris’ charge was reduced to a non-DUI charge. His license was saved.

OWI case that seemed to be a long shot to prove and win

Client: Paul and Pam

Review: Most importantly to us- Andrew was honest! He gave us all the possibilities of the case- good and bad, he gave us choices of other solutions to the case. We made the choice to stick with Andrew, go before a jury and never looked back knowing we made the only choice right for us! Andrew blew us away with his knowledge and expertise of an OWI case. His opening statement was incredibly powerful although it was not evidence in the case. He knew exactly what he was doing when cross examining the state witness – he knew what he wanted the jury to hear – the real facts of the case. Andrew was able to present the facts, present the Wisconsin state law in detail and expose the reality that the state had no proof to convict and therefore won the case. He saved a 25 year trucking career, he saved our financial lives! When we did the research on the best OWI attorney in the state, we found him and he was worth every penny!

Highly Recommended!

Client: Name Withheld 

Review: I had a very complex DUI case and I would highly, highly, highly recommend The Law Offices of Andrew Mishlove. Andrew, Lauren and Sarah treated me like I was their only client. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable in DUI defense and if you are looking for a great attorney, you will not be disappointed. Andrew and Lauren both represented me at different hearings and I was always happy with the job they did. They worked extremely hard on my case which eventually went to a jury trial and was won by Lauren.

Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert

Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law

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"Mr. Mishlove was worth every penny and then some. I would consider him the Michelangelo of the DUI defense world.
He is professional, dedicated, and pours his heart into his job. I would give him 10 stars if I could."
Ronald S.

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