Seven Factors to Help You Win a DUI Case

If you are charged with drunk driving in Wisconsin, you may be upset and angry. You may not be thinking clearly about Wisconsin OWI/DUI law.

This is why you should call Mishlove and Stuckert Attorneys at Law.

In our report, How to Win a Drunk Driving Case, we identified seven key factors that can help you win your case. The seven key factors are:

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Although DUI and OWI laws have been put in place to help maintain the safety of all motorists, the truth is that the methods of identifying those who are violating those laws are far from perfect. In fact, without legal representation, it can be all too easy to suffer consequences that you simply do not deserve. 

Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert are the only accredited DUI defense specialists certified by the National College for DUI Defense-American Bar Association (NCDD-ABA), and they are here to protect your rights.

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At Mishlove & Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law, we are experts in planning DUI defense strategies and will exhaust all avenues in evaluating your case. We will first discuss your case to gather pertinent details regarding the incident; we will then proceed to investigate every aspect of your charge to gather every piece of evidence. Based on this information and your goals, we will develop a strategy with you which may include pre-trial motions, evidentiary challenges, and in some cases, going to trial. 

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I had the unfortunate experience of having to go through my first DUI. After explaining my case to Andrew he came up with a great game plan for my case. He ended up getting my breathalyzer results dropped due to the officers not following proper procedures. It was very impressive how he turned the case around on the prosecutor and won over the judge! This was a huge win for me due to having to drive other peoples cars for a living. I highly recommend Mishlove & Stuckert!

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Lauren and Sara have both done and followed through with everything they said they would! Timely communication and trustworthy. The best Firm!

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How Do the Seven Key Factors  Influence Your Case?

Every factor, from your life and account of the events leading to the Wisconsin drunk driving charges, to the police’s handling of your case, has an impact on the final outcome.

  • This case is about you, a person, with a family, a career, and people who love you. It's critical to present you as a person, not just "a defendant."
  • What is the thing that is just wrong or unfair about what happened?  
  • How did this happen? What were the events that led to this?
  • Did the police respect your rights and follow the rules? For example, was there a reasonable suspicion to stop you? Was there probable cause to arrest you?
  • Were your behavior and appearance normal given the circumstances?
  • Was the chemical test properly done?
  • What legal issues exist?  Was the evidence properly preserved? If you have a prior record, does it really count?

DUI Defense Series A Guide for the Layperson

This brief introduction can help you understand our meticulous approach to helping clients who have been charged with DUI or OWI.

You: The First Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

Andrew Mishlove explains how your image and the way others perceive you will influence your DUI or OWI case.

Your Theme & Your Story: The Second Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

The events that led to your arrest will play an important part in your case because they can often expose the unjust nature of the charges.

The Police: The Third Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

The police are the third factor in your case. As government agents, the police must follow strict protocols. Identifying mistakes made by the police can result in dropped or reduced charges.

Your Driving: The Fourth Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

Your performance on the road is another key factor that will have a significant influence on the outcome of your DUI or OWI case.

Appearance, Behavior, and Demeanor: The Fifth Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

Attorney Andrew Mishlove explains how your appearance, behavior, and demeanor at the time of arrest can affect a DUI or OWI case.

The Chemical Test: The Sixth Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

The method of determining your blood-alcohol content and the procedures followed in performing the test are extremely important details pertaining to your DUI or OWI case.

Legal Defenses: ​The Seventh Factor in Winning Your DUI Case

Having an attorney who understands how these factors affect your case is essential to having DUI or OWI charges dropped or reduced.

"I'm not in favor of the police breaking the rules in the so-called war on drunk driving."

Attorney Andrew Mishlove invites you to contact his firm if you are facing charges of DUI or OWI.
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