Marijuana DUI Arrest?  Wisconsin’s OWI Experts Can Help

Wisconsin has a zero-tolerance stance against driving under the influence of marijuana.

If a blood test reveals “any detectable amount” of Delta-9 THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, it can result in serious penalties. That means that a driver who is not impaired or even slightly influenced by the THC can still be charged an OWI/DUI – Marijuana in Wisconsin.

Learn how the team at Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law can help you fight a charge of marijuana DUI in Wisconsin...

Wisconsin Doesn't Require Proof of Impairment For a Marijuana OWI Conviction

There are no peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the claim that low levels of delta-9 THC result in impairment, and the state of Wisconsin does not require prosecutors to prove impairment in marijuana OWI cases. We nearly always find legitimate reasons to challenge lab work that registers low amounts of delta-9 THC.

Zero Tolerance in Wisconsin

driving with marijuana cigarette

When it comes to driving, Wisconsin has a zero-tolerance policy against marijuana use. If you are stopped by the police with a detectable amount of THC - the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana - in your system, you may find yourself facing an OWI charge. Attorneys across the state may view marijuana OWI cases as impossible to win, but not the team at Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law

States such as Colorado and Washington have set a legal limit of 5 nanograms per milliliter of THC for the purposes of their DUI laws. These states also have decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana, so such laws are necessary to ensure residents of these states are not wrongfully charged.

In Wisconsin, the marijuana laws are far more stringent. The team at Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law have the necessary tools to defend your rights if you face a DUI due to testing positive for marijuana.

Wisconsin's Zero-Tolerance Policy on Cannabis

Unlike many of our neighboring states, Wisconsin still has a zero-tolerance policy on cannabis. If you are pulled over and subjected to a blood test, any detectable amount of Delta-9 THC can result in an impaired driving charge. The chemistry behind these tests is complex, and labs are known to make mistakes—let the lawyers at Mishlove and Stuckert use our science-based approach to bring errors into question.

Meet Wisconsin's Only Board-Certified DUI Law Specialists

Lauren Stuckert

Lauren Stuckert became the first Wisconsin lawyer to receive a certificate in Forensic Chromatography Blood Alcohol Analysis from the American Chemical Society at Axion Laboratories in Chicago in 2011. In 2013, she undertook the Forensic Solid Drug Analysis course through the American Chemical Society to better understand analytic chemistry. She became a board-certified DUI Specialist in 2016.
Mrs. Stuckert has successfully challenged the validity of marijuana DUI-related lab test results in cases across the state of Wisconsin. With the increasingly technical nature of marijuana OWI cases, attorney Lauren Stuckert has the education and skillset to defend the rights of her clients.

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Andrew Mishlove

Rated as the top DUI defender in the state by his peers, Andrew Mishlove is known throughout the country as an authority on cases of operating while intoxicated.
Mr. Mishlove has been defending clients in DUI cases since 1981. He is also the developer and course director for the Serious Science Blood Analysis courses taught at the Shimadzu Laboratory at the University of Texas-Arlington. Along with James Nesci, Andrew Mishlove published the state's only attorney's manual for operating while intoxicated defense in 2014.

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How Marijuana OWI Works in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the few states where you don't actually have to be under the influence of marijuana to be prosecuted for OWI—all that matters is the presence of Delta-9 metabolite in your blood. As attorney Lauren Stuckert describes, any detectable amount is enough to secure a conviction. If you've been charged with a marijuana OWI, it's in your best interest to work with a defense lawyer who has hands-on experience with blood substance testing and knows how to raise a scientific defense in court.

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Andrew Mishlove is one of the best DWI defense lawyers I’ve ever met.  His knowledge of how to defend a client and win is beyond comparison.  If you need a lawyer who knows how to really help you in a difficult time and you want the best chance of winning, you should call his law firm!

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Mishlove & Stuckert are true experts in the field. They are committed to their clients beyond the courtroom, ensuring a smooth process during a difficult time for anyone involved in a case. The kinship between the lawyers is palpable, not to mention a warm and engaging staff. I highly recommend!

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We Wrote the Book on DUI Defense

At Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law, we are experienced in fighting and winning DUI cases, including marijuana DUI. Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law is one of the very few law firms in America that has successfully challenged laboratory test results in marijuana DUI cases. Even when lab results conclude tetrahydrocannabinol is in the system of a driver facing DUI charges, our attorneys have a track record of successfully defending clients in these cases. 

Our attorneys are certified by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), and they understand that your future is on the line. In order to protect your rights, we will do everything we can to create a strong defense for your case. We strive to maintain our technical knowledge and remain on the vanguard of marijuana DUI defense with continuing education.

If you are facing charges related to driving under the influence of marijuana, our attorneys have a detailed understanding of DUI laws which allows us to mount a successful defense against a DUI charge. To schedule a free consultation at one of our four convenient locations within Wisconsin, contact us online, or call:

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Call an Attorney If You Get Caught With THC in Your Bloodstream

If you receive a blood test result that indicates the presence of delta-9 metabolite, you need an attorney to help you review the lab work. Even low levels can result in an OWI conviction, but they often come with issues that present legitimate opportunities to challenge charges.

Have Faith, There is Help...

“Lauren Stuckert changed my life. She turned around what would have been the most difficult situation I would have to endure. I wish I could put into words the feeling of gratitude I feel that she became an advocate for those unfairly charged. She demonstrates strength and intelligence with grace and flair in the courtroom. Juries truly listen to her. She knows exactly what she is doing and I highly recommend her! She knows the law. Have faith, there is help, please reach out to Lauren at Mishlove & Stuckert.” Annette Norstom

DUI Attorneys Who Understand the Science Relating to These Charges

While the authorities like to believe that their lab results are iron-clad, the reality is that these processes have a number of inherent flaws. An expert lawyer will consider the margin of error present in factors such as handling the testing equipment and carrying out other technical processes. Just because a blood test gives a positive result does not necessarily mean that a DUI case cannot be fought and won.

Marijuana DUI attorney Lauren Stuckert constantly studies all applicable areas of science so that she can offer her clients the defense necessary to fight DUI charges. She knows how to read the data provided by chemical tests and lab results, and is able to identify inconsistencies that can sink the prosecutor's case against her clients. There is a reason so many other attorneys in the state and across the country turn to Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law for assistance in DUI defense.

Hearings and trials in DUI cases are more technical and technology-focused than ever before, which is why hiring a DUI specialist as your attorney is so important. Our nationally acclaimed defense specialists are certified in DUI defense law, meaning when you turn to Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law for help, you can rest assured that your attorney has the credentials and skills needed to defend your case.


If you are facing a marijuana DUI, we can help. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online today, or call our DUI defense law offices at:

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Chronic THC Users Always Have Delta-9 in Their Systems

Regular cannabis users always have detectable amounts of delta-9 in their bloodstreams. Even if you haven't smoked marijuana in several days, it can still register on a blood test in amounts that are sufficient to bring charges.

Differences in THC Metabolites

There is an important distinction between being drug-impaired and having an inactive metabolite present in a blood sample during a chemical test.

What Is an Unlawful Measurable Amount in Wisconsin?

Marijuana breaks down into different metabolites when consumed, including hydroxy metabolite, carboxy metabolite, and delta-9. In the state of Wisconsin, charges can be brought if as little as 1.0 nanograms per milliliter of delta-9 are measured in a blood sample. The process of measuring for such minuscule amounts of metabolites is naturally prone to error. Our lawyers can build a strong case on your behalf, even if your sample came back positive.

We Are Ready to Fight Your Marijuana DUI Drug Charges

Attorney Andrew Mishlove is renowned for his work as the course director of America’s most prestigious legal training in alcohol and drug analysis: The NCDD Advanced Course on Blood-Alcohol Analysis and Trial Advocacy, and the NCDD Advanced Course on Blood Drug Analysis and Trial Advocacy. Our attorneys are respected throughout this field and Mr. Mishlove teaches lawyers all over the country about the art and science of defending DUI cases involving the suspected use of a number of substances.

Mishlove and Stuckert is a leading law firm in the field of forensic science and trial advocacy. We understand the science behind the blood and chemical tests used by the authorities. This knowledge is necessary in order to provide a strong defense against operating while intoxicated and DUI drug charges, including driving under the influence of marijuana. Just because you tested positive for marijuana does not mean we cannot win your case.

Our attorneys can help if you face a DUI related to marijuana. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online, or call:

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I could not be happier with the results...

“I had the privilege of working with Andrew Mishlove and his group. I could not be happier with the results and the amount of extra work they did to make sure I understood everything that was happening during the process. I would recommend them to anyone who has made a mistake that results in needing legal representation.” Dylan Radder

Field Sobriety Tests for Marijuana

sobriety test

Field sobriety tests (FSTs) regarding drugged driving do not provide a high level of accuracy in determining intoxication, as they rely on the identification of perceived symptoms that may also be present in a sober individual. Bloodshot eyes are widely considered indicative of marijuana use, but they can be caused by a number of irritants, from pollen and pollution to simple dry eyes. Heel-to-toe tests rely on a level of coordination that not everyone possesses. Nervousness is a common reaction when facing a traffic stop, even for those with nothing to fear but a ticket.

The team of legal professionals at Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law understand the flaws inherent in field sobriety tests and will fight to defend your rights if you face a DUI due to the suspected use of marijuana, alcohol, or a controlled substance. Our attorneys have invested considerable time and other resources into studying FSTs and other means of identifying intoxication, and are uniquely qualified to demonstrate the shortcomings in these tests.

Never Tell a Police Officer That You Smoked Marijuana

If you get pulled over on suspicion of any type of traffic violation, do not tell the responding officer that you have consumed marijuana. That alone can be probable cause to make an arrest and lead to an OWI charge.

A Law Firm Ready to Defend Your Case

Attorney Lauren Stuckert has a record of success in challenging operating while intoxicated and DUI charges, especially those involving drugs such as marijuana. Meanwhile, Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law is the only law firm in Wisconsin to have more than one attorney to complete the most thorough analytic chemistry training available for lawyers. Our law firm has proved time and again that we can defend clients against a positive marijuana blood test.

If you have been charged with a marijuana DUI, you likely have countless questions, and we can help answer each and every one. Our attorneys can help put your anxieties to rest knowing that you have a certified specialist in your corner. When it comes to marijuana DUI defense, the law offices of Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law have a track record of success on behalf of our clients. 

We put our knowledge to work in every case we defend. If you are facing a drugged driving charge, schedule a free consultation at one of our four Wisconsin offices today by contacting us online, or by calling us at:

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Professional and Tenacious...

“Andrew and his team are extremely professional and tenacious people who will fight for you when needed. I believe in their integrity and thank them for everything they have done for me.” Jennifer Biewer

Wisconsin State Law Prohibits Drugged Driving in Two Scenarios

1. State law prohibits driving while under the influence of an intoxicant to the extent that the driver is incapable of driving safely.

2. The law prohibits driving with any non-prescribed controlled substance in the driver’s bloodstream regardless of whether the driver appears physically impaired.

The penalties listed below are increased if there is a passenger under 16 years of age or if your offense happens in a construction area.

Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise...

“Extremely talented experts in defending those who are charged with crimes. The wealth of knowledge and expertise they bring in helping defendants is second to none!” Frank Lettenberger

Drug DUI Defense Lawyers

Attorneys Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert are versed in all aspects of DUI and OWI law. Mrs. Stuckert has developed extensive knowledge in the area of drug DUIs, including but not limited to marijuana cases. Mrs. Stuckert is often consulted by other specialists and called upon to assist other lawyers.

The law firm of Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law has successfully defended clients facing DUI charges for nearly 40 years. If you have been arrested on a marijuana DUI charge, it is up to you to make sure that you are protected by a capable legal advocate.

Schedule a free consultation with Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC Attorneys at Law today by contacting us online or by calling:

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Results Matter  When Facing DUI and OWI Charges

6th Offense OWI With Marijuana, Door County

State v. Ryan (last name withheld): This was a difficult and complex case tried by Lauren Stuckert. Mrs. Stuckert successfully challenged the method by which blood is tested for the presence of THC, the active component in marijuana. Even though the laboratory claimed to have found the delta-9 variant of THC in Ryan’s blood, we successfully challenged that conclusion. The jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY. Ryan appeared to be on his way to prison. Instead, he went home.

2nd Offense OWI With Marijuana, Milwaukee County

State of Wisconsin v. Jason (last name withheld): Jason was stopped by a Milwaukee officer for driving with a broken headlight. The officer arrested him for operating while intoxicated. Jason submitted to a blood test. The test came back positive for delta-9-THC. At a jury trial, Attorney Lauren Stuckert attacked the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene’s testing methods used to detect THC in Jason’s blood. The jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY, and Jason left the courtroom a free man.