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There are few things more frightening than facing a charge of drunk driving in Wisconsin. Many people who are facing an OWI/DUI charge simply give up hope. If you need your driver’s license, drive for a living or cannot face a jail sentence, look to a Wisconsin OWI/DUI lawyer who has a proven record of success.

Wisconsin drunk driving charges don’t have to mean the end of life as you know it. Contact Wisconsin’s nationally acclaimed OWI/DUI law firm.

We have four convenient office locations serving the people of Wisconsin. 


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The Eastlake Towers Corporate Center
4425 North Port Washington Rd. Ste 110
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

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1 block south of City Hall
125A Church Avenue
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Racine Avenue Professional Building
1535 E. Racine Ave.
Waukesha, WI 53187

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