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Wisconsin’s Only True OWI DUI Defense Specialist

Attorney Mishlove: One of America’s Top-Rated DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

Andrew Mishlove

If your career and freedom are at stake, then you need the very best OWI DUI defense law firm. We have unmatched credentials; but we also have unmatched experience in fighting and winning these types of cases. In Wisconsin, only a lawyer who is board-certified by a board that is accredited by the American Bar Association can legally call himself a “specialist.” Andrew Mishlove is not only Wisconsin’s only true OWI DUI defense specialist, he is one of less than twenty attorneys in America who actually are on the board itself! See for details.

With preeminent credentials and more than 30 years of experience fighting to achieve the best possible outcome in Wisconsin OWI DUI cases, we are the law firm that you are looking for. We have unparalleled success in fighting and winning these types of cases.

We are also proud that the independent lawyer-rating service, AVVO, rates Andrew Mishlove among the top OWI DUI defense lawyers in America; the lawyer-rating service, Martindale-Hubbell, gives us the highest AV rating, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

DUI Attorney Andrew Mishlove

dui lawyer in milwaukee
Board Certified Drunk Driving Defense Specialist
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Nationally Acclaimed in OWI Defense

milwaukee DUI defense law firm

Are you facing a DUI OWI charge in Wisconsin? You are probably feeling confused and upset about what happened to you and worried about the consequences.

After all, you may lose your license, you may be fined, your insurance costs may skyrocket and you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car.

You could even go jail. If your case is a felony, such as OWI Homicide or OWI Injury/Great Bodily Harm, you might even go to prison. If you drive for a living or are otherwise required to have a driver’s license, your career may be at stake. Just as important as those things is your hard-earned reputation.

If you are worried about how this might affect your family and your life, you need the best lawyer that you can get.

You may need that lawyer quickly. You may have only ten days to request a hearing on your license suspension or revocation.

Call us now at 877-DUI-DREW, or submit an online case evaluation request. You will get expert help, fast.

DUI Attorney Lauren Stuckert

Milwaukee DUI Attorney
Specializing in complex OWI litigation
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