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OWI Defense Book

Learn everything you need to know about dealing with an OWI in Wisconsin

Co-Written by: Andrew Mishlove and James Nesci
Published by: Lawyers & Judges Publishing
Date published: 06/20/2013
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-933264-31-8
Available in Hardcover
Price: $165.00
In Stock
Purchase Wisconsin OWI Defense: The Law & Practice

Wisconsin OWI Defense: The Law & Practice

For even the most seasoned attorney admitted to practice in the State of Wisconsin, defending OWI cases has always presented special challenges. Today, due to legislative developments, the introduction of blood alcohol-testing technologies, and an increasingly harsh prosecutorial climate, mounting a successful defense is more difficult than ever.

That’s why you will come to rely on
Wisconsin OWI Defense: The Law and Practice.

This reference book ensures that you understand the chemical, biological and technological concepts and issues underlying OWI prosecution and defense in the State of Wisconsin including: OWI Investigations, Driving & Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition Evaluation and Chemical Testing, Blood Alcohol Calculations, Pre-trial Investigations and Motions, Practice, Plea Offers and Agreements, OWI Trial Procedures and more.

Customer Reviews

Your Book Is Our Secret Weapon

We just received the book yesterday. It’s the secret for properly representing your OAWI clients. Thank you Andy!

Ted Mazza
Law Offices of Rummel & Mazza

We Love It!

I’m glad our office bought it because I asked for it for christmas! LOVE it.

Amanda Riek


I agree. I bought Andy’s book, it is immensely valuable, and no one can get it from me now unless they pry it from these cold sober hands.

Eric Schulenburg

Big Thumbs Up!

Big thumbs up for Andrew Michlove’s OWI hardcover owi A to Z book. Required reading for anyone who practices in the area from nubies to seasoned vets. Thanks Andy.

Mark Skvara